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Episode 45: Consumer Duty What’s Next ? – (2024 and beyond)

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The extremely wide remit of Consumer Duty has meant that firms across financial services have had their hands full over the last couple of years – but what’s next? After the July 2023 deadline, what do firms need to focus on? identifying vulnerable consumers, assessing price and value, and ensuring that robust data is available to monitor and prove good outcomes, are just a few of the things that firms will need to continue work on.

In this episode of Regulated Radio, host Isha Gupta interviews experts Kareline Daguer, Director of Insurance at the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Charlotte Wightwick Head of Conduct at the ABI and Paul Fraser, Director, and Consumer Duty lead for investment management at Deloitte on this issue.

Key questions discussed in the episode are:

  • What are some key examples of good practise we have seen when it comes to Consumer Duty?
  • What do we expect next from the FCA?
  • Which Consumer Duty Outcomes are going to require the most focus and work in the next few months?
  • What is the role of innovation in all of this ? and is there more and more scope to look at the nexus between Consumer Duty and other regulations for example the SDR?

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