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Travel in a post-COVID world

Opportunities to thrive

Airlines, airports and border agencies are all feeling the repercussions of COVID-19, each facing their own individual challenges. Customer confidence is yet to return to pre-pandemic levels but, as international borders gradually reopen, what can the industry do to ensure services resume effectively?

We have identified five key opportunities for consideration:

  1. The merging of travel, borders and health
    Health is now at the top of the agenda and the whole travel ecosystem could play a key role in defining requirements and procedures that balance meeting government standards with passenger needs.
  2. Creating contactless passenger experiences
    Airlines, airports and border agencies could collaborate to accelerate the move to a contactless passenger experience.
  3. Increased collaboration & data sharing
    Airlines, airports and border agencies could explore ways of working together and share data to overcome challenges and realise opportunities in a post-COVID world.
  4. Increased organisational resilience
    Organisations in this ecosystem need to create flexible operating models, with flexible resources and digital solutions, that can easily be adapted to the changing environment.
  5. Innovation of commercial models
    The aviation industry should consider innovating their commercial model to diversify revenue streams.

If you would like to discuss the topics covered in the report in relation to your organisation please get in touch with our team or your usual Deloitte contact.

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