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Business Process Technology

Deloitte practitioners work with businesses to design and implement operational processes, technologies, and resource models to improve value-added activities in process redesign, software implementation and enhancement, tax-sensitized technologies, and change management

In addition, cloud-based accounting system and Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities help locally and internationally minded businesses to strategically balance expansion, infrastructure, and mobility demands.

Our services include:

ERP system design and implementation:


  • Identifying specific workflows by job and function, process improvements to be implemented (perhaps even independently of the software), and roles and responsibilities within the new business processes to augment system design. While business processes requirements were likely defined during the evaluation phase, they might not take into account the functionality of the chosen software. This output can serve as the foundation to use the ERP system in producing key operational data to streamline processes.


Process mapping;


  • Assisting organisations in becoming more efficient through creation of business process maps which help identify improvement opportunities.


Business intelligence & data analytics;


  • Enabling organizations to perform visual operational benchmarking, trend and data analysis, and predictive analysis on key data. This can provide deeper insight into operational processes and profiles which help in planning and forecasting as well as evaluating leading practices.


Business process reengineering;


  • Focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes, business process reengineering helps organizations to fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to improve products and services, manage operational costs, and enhance efficiencies. Deloitte helps companies restructure operations through ground-up design of business processes in relation to objectives and day-to-day work.


Back-end filing (tech functions);


  • Providing ad-hoc finance and accounting, technology, and/or HR support to strengthen existing infrastructures, foster ownership and accountability, and coordinate services and program administration.