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Manage your decarbonisation journey

with our emissions planning tool

You understand the climate challenge. The case for action is clear. Getting started is where things get complicated.


New Zealand is undergoing a transition to a lower-carbon, lower-emission economy that will impact all industries, sectors, and organisations. These changes will be significant but affordable if we start planning for change and taking action now.

Emissions planning is an essential part of business planning and cannot be considered in isolation. We have developed our solution in utilising an enterprise planning tool to ensure emissions planning is integrated with business-wide planning. This tool supports both public sector agencies with implementing the Carbon Neutral Government Programme, and private sector organisations with emissions planning, budgeting, forecasting and mitigation.


How we can help you – our emissions planning tool

Our Emissions Planning Tool enables you to measure, plan for and manage your emissions:


  • Understand your baseline emissions profile
  • Ensure data and process integrity with input from our Deloitte Greenhouse Gas Audit team


  • Use scenario analysis to understand the emissions and financial implications of different strategies and initiatives
  • Analyse offset options
  • Develop your net zero strategy and action plan


  • Track progress with automated emissions baseline reporting
  • Automate data integration where possible


The Tool has three key layers

The platform – Workday Adaptive Planning

  • A leading integrated planning tool with more than 5,500 customers globally
  • Supports collaborative planning, budgeting and forecasting across different functions or teams – while ensuring one source of the truth

The Emissions Planning Model

  • Can be used on a standalone basis or fully integrated into other planning processes to provide a holistic approach to emissions management
  • Aligns with Ministry for the Environment guidance and ISO 14064

Your data

  • Enter data directly, or integrate with other systems such as Oracle, SAP, Xero
  • Source data directly from suppliers (e.g. fuel consumption or travel data)
  • Get up and running quickly, then scale and develop over time


Our emissions planning tool in action