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Women in the boardroom: a global perspective

Eighth edition

A Deloitte Global report on gender diversity on boards and women in leadership


The report highlights the progress towards increasing the number of women on corporate boards. At the current growth rate of women in the boardroom, parity is unlikely to be achieved before 2038, while it seems slow, it’s a slight acceleration on our last prediction which was set for parity in 2045.

The conversation of women in the boardroom will continue to be discussed for the years to come, even if the pace of change may seem slow. This report breaks down our findings on a global and local level.


New Zealand findings


“In New Zealand, we have made slow but steady progress toward closing the gender gap, and against a global backdrop we look promising. However, there is still a significant amount of work required to ensure we don’t lose momentum," says Mike Horne, Chief Executive Officer at Deloitte New Zealand.

Find out more about New Zealand's recent progress in closing the gender gap here.


One-on-one board perspectives


We explored the topic of women in the boardroom with leaders from across the world, in order to gain insight and advice on how organisations can accelerate gender parity and encourage diversity & inclusion.

Jan Babiak says accelerating parity requires broadening the definition of “board member” beyond “former CEO”. 

Explore Jan's perspective here.

Hina Nagarajan explains the power of quotas, and why boards should rethink their recruitment strategies. 

Explore Hina's perspective here. 

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