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2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey

Building long-term value by putting cyber at the heart of the business

How are organisations navigating the future and building trust in a world of doubt? The answer is cyber. The future of cyber is coming into sharper focus as organisations look beyond the tech-centric and threat focus toward positive outcomes which result from integrating cyber across the business.

Deloitte designed its 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey based on the complexity of today’s business and technology landscape, focusing on the needs of enterprise leaders who may recognise the importance of cyber yet struggle to harness its value. To accurately capture the increased impact that cyber has on businesses today, we survey more than 1000 global c-suite executives at companies with over US $500 million in revenue across geographies and industries. Through both qualitative and quantitative research, executives share their view on cyber threats, enterprise activities, and the future.

Find out how leaders across industries are building long-term value by putting cyber at the heart of the business. Explore findings from Deloitte’s latest survey based on input from cyber executives around the world.

"Cyber threats are growing in their impact to society and our way of life, and New Zealand is not immune. This report highlights why organisations need to invest now when it comes to enabling service resilience, and trust and confidence.

To enable growth, organisations need to focus on hiring and developing the right cyber talent, executing through relevant situational intelligence and digital planning, and partnering with extended ecosystems, all while incorporating cyber into strategic business initiatives. This enables our businesses to grow and serve our communities better, and supports our nation to thrive by keeping people safe and New Zealand punching above our weight in the global marketplace."

- Anu Nayar, Deloitte New Zealand Cyber Leader

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