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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: a global perspective
Wednesday, 6 March 2024 5:00 AM NZST


6 Mar.

Wednesday, 05:00 NZST

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: a global perspective

The Deloitte global boardroom programme team are hosting an engaging series of boardroom discussions throughout the year, featuring critical topics for the board and the executive committee. The next upcoming webinar is listed above, and further webinars held later in the year are listed below. 

Although many of these webinars are scheduled at times that may not be preferable for those based in New Zealand, if you register for a webinar that you are interested in, you will receive a copy of the full recording including a short-written recap to watch in your own time.


See upcoming webinars below. 

Directors' Hub

Welcome to the Directors' Hub. Boards are facing the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape. Deloitte New Zealand is here to help. We provide a central hub for directors to access current developments, Deloitte perspectives and events.

How are boards grappling with changing societal demands of corporations to contribute to the greater good? How do the most effective boards think about stakeholder engagement, whether this is with employees, customers, the broader community, or government? How should boards address environmental and social responsibilities while maintaining profitability?

6 June 2024 | 03:00am NZST


What should Boards expect from the upcoming US Presidential election? How can boards of directors plan for the uncertain result, and the effects of the election results on the US and Global economies? How can boards effectively navigate geopolitical complexities and align their decisions within this evolving reality?

17 October 2024 | 04:00am NZST


As COP29 approaches, climate issues are now at the forefront of the Board's agenda. What can we expect from the upcoming COP29 meeting in Dubai? How are leading boards building on the momentum around ambitions to reduce emissions, phasing out fossil fuels, and achieving a net-zero carbon footprint? What role can institutional investors play to drive meaningful change?

21 November 2024 | 05:00am NZST