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Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Deloitte New Zealand's Infrastructure & Capital Projects team provides comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire life cycle of an asset.  

Connect to infrastructure that builds better lives

Infrastructure, when done well, can have a transformative power on economies and societies 

New Zealand faces multiple challenges in closing the gap between the infrastructure we have and what we need to be a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable country. To address this challenge it is critical that infrastructure owners improve how they prioritise, deliver and manage their assets, including working with communities to establish what “good” looks like in terms of smart and responsible infrastructure.

At Deloitte, we offer independent advice rooted in practical expertise across various aspects of infrastructure, including financing, planning, procurement, delivery, and operation. Our team comprises engineers, project managers, economists, data scientists, and financial advisors, enabling us to provide comprehensive insights. Our experience equips us not only to set up successful transactions but also to anticipate and address potential challenges that may arise during project execution.

Back on track

Discover how we helped to deliver improved metro rail services in Auckland