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Financial Crime & Investigations

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The pressure to tackle and respond to the range of financial crimes has never been greater for New Zealand’s private and public sectors, with tightening regulations, growing demands from customers and stakeholders for transparency and integrity and increasing criminal threat and sophistication. 

As a recognised market leader in Financial Crime and integrity risk management, regulatory response and investigations, Deloitte offers a unique combination of expertise, local and global experience, deep understanding of the drivers and management of the wide range of financial crimes, including the AML/CFT and sanctions regimes as they apply in New Zealand. 

We also leverage the scale of our Australian Forensic team, specifically around AML/CFT, and drive value to our clients through proven global methodologies, tools and deep networks. 

Our highly experienced and specialist team brings a diverse range of experience and skills, across regulation, law enforcement, industry, technology, data and forensic investigations/accounting, to assist our clients in meeting their regulatory obligations when tackling these challenges.

Clients we have supported and advised include New Zealand regulators, financial institutions, corporations and privately held entities and local and central government organisations. 

Explore our Financial Crime services

Provide proactive and reactive consulting, analytics, investigation services, and remediation assistance to clients that are working to manage the risk and vulnerabilities that arise from global corruption, corporate fraud, whistleblower allegations and other threats.

Design, implement, enhance and test AML and counter terrorism financing (CTF) programmes, including risk assessments, know your customer (KYC), technology solutions, governance, executive training and historical AML lookbacks. We have one of the largest and most mature AML practices that delivers seamless and consistent services for our global clients.

Using our advanced analytics capability and deep technical experience, we help clients quickly and efficiently address their issues. We deploy sophisticated analytics approaches to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what has occurred and how similar problems can be prevented. We also work proactively to detect inefficiencies and anomalies in systems - targeting cost recovery and identifying potential issues before they happen.

We combine our highly specialised skills in the areas of corporate investigations with deep financial acumen and advanced analytics to produce transformative insights which help our clients move ahead with confidence amidst an environment of expanding global footprints and increased regulation. Deloitte's global network allows us to conduct extensive fact-finding and investigations anywhere in the world to deliver broader solutions to clients, along the entire lifecycle, from proactive consulting to investigations to remediation.

Our fraud risk management services enable real-time identification and detection of fraud and misuse at an enterprise level and guard organisations against increasingly sophisticated fraud risks. We support fraud management teams across multiple organisations in their efforts to manage fraud holistically - prevention, detection and response. Developing a fraud management capability not only helps our clients to proactively manage fraud and respond more effectively to fraud incidents but also improves the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their business. 

Market misconduct can take many shapes, from false trading, insider trading, to the disclosure of information about prohibited transactions, and other similar actions where market interference results in undue profits. The global regulatory focus on market misconduct is evolving and institutions are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they manage market abuse and misconduct. With our business, technology and regulatory advisors, we help our clients in assessing their risk and designing, implementing, and maintaining the right conduct risk programme. 

Achieving compliance for Sanctions is a complex process. Regulations frequently carry across separate jurisdictions and their requirements can evolve with limited regulatory guidance. Deloitte has unparalleled experience in this area, having designed, reviewed, enhanced, implemented and monitored numerous financial sanctions, detection and compliance programmes for clients around the world. Our Sanctions programme includes technology and alert assessments, conducting investigations, lookbacks, alert dispositions and testing by using our global knowledge and insights.

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