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Actuarial & Insurance Services

Deloitte’s actuaries have extensive industry and professional experience in insurance and banking. They have particular skills in pricing and valuation, distribution and strategy, financial reporting, and regulation.

Life & general insurance, accident & health, customer & digital actuarial services

Actuaries have a broad set of capabilities that they use to influence the financial world. They can help individuals and organisations answer strategic questions through logic and analysis. Actuaries have a deep understanding of the fundamentals behind financial and statistical models and processes. They have a long history of working in the insurance and financial markets. And they are experienced in communicating insights from complex problems to a wide audience.

Global demand for actuarial services and advice is increasing. In part this has arisen from new requirements in the insurance industry related to questions about conduct, accounting regulation, and technological and structural change. Furthermore, as organisations look to develop or enhance their data driven strategies, customer experience and sustainability, they are seeking actuarial knowledge to help shape business strategy and improve performance.

Our approach is to develop strong and close relationships with our clients to ensure a consistent and comprehensive transfer of knowledge. Our team’s diverse industry experience, combined with our technical capabilities and professional disciplines, ensure we have the right combination of people and skills to help our clients see what they need to run their businesses or manage complex projects. These same skills also help our clients to see and understand the crucial technical details underlying their businesses.

Deloitte’s Actuarial and Insurance Services (AIS) practice has a proven track record of helping companies make better-informed decisions regarding insurance liabilities, assets, capital management, performance measurement, growth, and risk. Our actuaries maintain high standards of technical excellence and work collaboratively across multiple disciplines to provide valuable solutions.