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Overcoming growing pains with data insights

With business expansion often comes growing pains, and this was the case with family-owned home appliances wholesaler. The addition of a premium product offering to their line-up, and a change in business model, brought about some liquidity pressures and challenges managing working capital.

Working closely with the company’s owners, our team crafted a plan to get things financially back on track and ensure the business could access the funds needed to support its growth. Data analytics driven insights played a key part in the turnaround plan, helping all involved to understand the current financial situation and how additional funds could be unlocked.

An intensive 12-week stint of exploring options, working with key stakeholders and reviewing current systems saw the desired result, unlocking much needed liquidity for the company. To help steel the business for the future, our team developed a bespoke forecasting model meaning the company’s management team can constantly review the status of their financials moving forward.

A Kiwi success story is set to continue with their ambitious growth plans of bringing a wider range of top appliances to Aotearoa New Zealand.

With Deloitte’s help, we were able to navigate this difficult patch. Rob and his team helped us create an action plan and challenged us on our current practices. We are now more forward looking and strategic in our thinking.

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