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A visionary approach inspires world-leading results. Best Managed Companies is here to find the very best private businesses and their leaders in New Zealand. 



Our Best Managed Companies programme celebrates outstanding private businesses, by evaluating them against global benchmarks for success.

Backed by a 30-year history and a proven framework, Best Managed Companies has recognised excellence and connected around 1,300 of the best private companies in 45+ countries across the globe to date.

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Our Four Pillars

These four categories have been identified as the global common practices of successful business leadership.

Best Managed Companies is a programme for privately-owned enterprises, co-operatives, Māori businesses or family businesses that have developed a strong, recognised brand. They will be able to demonstrate a proactive approach towards improvement for achieving further growth, and have developed strong governance frameworks.

Ideally companies will align with the below guidelines:
  • Headquartered in New Zealand
  • Privately owned
  • In operation for more than three years (with financial documentation)
  • Can demonstrate revenue greater than NZD$75 million in the most recent year of business


Companies not eligible for New Zealand’s Best Managed Companies:
  • Public companies
  • Foreign multinationals and their subsidiaries
  • Credit institutions / insurance companies / banks / Government-owned entities / public sector agencies
  • Charities and not-for-profit enterprise / societiesPartnerships / joint ventures
  • Private equity funds (Note: while private equity funds themselves are not eligible, companies they have invested in are still eligible)

You can see our full terms and conditions here. If you’re unsure whether your company is eligible, or if you have any questions about our criteria, send us an email.

We want our applicants to gain more from the programme than just a trophy. That’s why Best Managed Companies evaluates companies through a proven framework and pairs them with a dedicated Best Managed coach to take them through an interactive Best Managed lab, designed to both recognise their success so far and equip them with the tools they need to maintain fantastic results.


Becoming a Best Managed Company

There are two stages involved in the Best Managed Companies programme.

Stage one

Eligible companies will fill out an application, giving a high level view of their business.


Stage two

Companies who progress to the next phase will take part in a Best Managed Companies lab, facilitated by our trained coaches. It will take a deep dive into the company, providing important insight and allowing the judges to assess them on the Best Managed Companies standards – known as the ‘Four Pillars’. The Best Managed lab draws out the key information needed for eligible companies to complete the second part of the application, which will be submitted to an independent judging panel for review.

How can my company apply for the programme?

If you think your business is a Best Managed Company, please contact to express your interest.


How much does it cost to apply to the Best Managed Companies programme?

Nothing – it’s completely free to enter. We just need your time to work through the application process.


How do I know if my company is eligible?
You can check our full criteria here.


How does the coaching process work?

The coaching is part of the application process. Our coaches will work with programme entrants through a Best Managed Lab, working carefully to fully understand your business and provide you with useful insight. 


How will Deloitte look after my data and confidential information?

We have set out our full privacy policy here, in keeping with national guidelines around data protection and confidentiality. We take your data rights seriously.


How much time will be required from my company’s leadership team?

The Best Managed Lab will run for up to 3 hours – the lab works best when the entire leadership team is there or at least a cross section who can speak to the different business functions. A representative from the company will also need to spend 1.5 – 2 hours completing the required application.


Is any travel involved?

There may be some travel but only for some of our programme entrants. Our coaches will come to you for the Best Managed Labs, but if you progress to our final stage, you’ll be invited to our celebration dinner in Auckland.

Best Managed Companies 2023

Four outstanding privately-owned New Zealand companies were recognised at this year’s Best Managed Companies awards. Leighs Construction Limited, Service Foods Limited, Southbase Construction Limited and TDX Limited have joined a cohort of around 1,300 of the very best private companies across 45+ countries.

Have what it takes to be the best?

Entries for our 2024 Best Managed Companies programme will open soon.