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Simplify change, maximise value

ChangeScout is a change management solution that accelerates and simplifies complex change programs in real time.

Smart solution

Organisations are struggling to keep up with today's disruptions and digital pace while facing pressure to deliver quicker, more seamless transformation.

ChangeScout deploys on-site experts to understand your change management challenges and fully integrates them into your organisation. ChangeScout is a simple but smart solution that drives digital transformation. We help you track people readiness with easy-to-use dashboards so you can complete change projects on time and within budget.

ChangeScout: Transform the way change is delivered

ChangeScout combines cutting-edge technology and Deloitte’s unique change methodology to transform the way change is delivered.

On site experts

Embedded experts who understand unique challenges facing your business understand your transformation by becoming part of your organization.

Monitor and measure impacts

ChangeScout provides role mapping, communications, and training to effectively track adoption.

Proactive insights

Offer real time ability to manage change interventions, mitigate risk and drive business value.