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People-led Sustainability, Climate & Equity (SC&E)

Supporting organisations on the journey to a carbon neutral, climate resilient future by empowering leaders and their workforce to align on SC&E ambitions, develop People strategies to prepare the Green Collar workforce, uplift capability, manage strategic change, and adopt sustainable behaviours.

At the very core of your organisation are people. We can help enhance the potential of your people to achieve SC&E outcomes, through a human-centred approach.

Whether SC&E impact is the motivation or inevitable outcome of your sustainable transformation, the focus on your people plays a vital role as a driver and enabler of its success.​

Human Capital

Our Human Capital team supports clients by enhancing their organisation’s performance, productivity and profitability. We develop organisational and talent strategies and programmes to enable businesses to reach their objectives.

Sustainability & Climate

As the call for sustainability and climate action intensifies, businesses have an important role to play in the safeguarding of our planets future. Deloitte can support your organisation on the journey to a carbon neutral, climate resilient future.