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A locally developed solution to a global crisis

From the ground up

Climate change. It’s a worldwide emergency and we’re at the tipping point. In the 2022 Deloitte CxO Sustainability Report, 89 per cent of respondents agreed there is a climate crisis facing the world. An overwhelming 97 per cent said their organisations have already been negatively impacted by climate change. The pressure is on to act… and to act now.

Here in Aotearoa, many organisations are falling short when it comes to tackling the climate crisis in our own back yard.

This isn’t through inertia or a lack of purpose, but rather understanding how they embed sustainability into core business strategies, operations, and culture.

One company that decided to tackle the issue head on was Christchurch-based agri-chemical and fertiliser cooperation, Ravensdown. As a business, Ravensdown had already taken the bold step of employing Allanah Kidd as sustainability manager, to help embed sustainable business practices and fulfill their targets aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Its next step was to employ innovative technology to help reach those goals quicker and more efficiently.

“We have this portal available for the whole organisation, so people can submit their suggestions and their ideas and it can be big but it can also be small”


agree there is a climate crisis facing the world


admit their organisations have already been negatively impacted by climate change

$4.4 billion

lost from New Zealand's economy if warming reaches 3°C

Together, a multi-disciplinary team of experts from Deloitte worked closely with Ravensdown to develop a truly innovative application to monitor and track sustainability targets. This was made possible through Deloitte’s strategic partnership with leading digital workflow platform, ServiceNow.

"It really was a true co-design. Ravensdown made their whole sustainability team, not just Allanah, available to work with us for three months on an application that is fit for purpose. It was designed and built together with sustainability leaders, not just technology folk,” says Deloitte partner and project leader, Harald Heimensen.

And so, Ecountable was born. This powerful solution, built on the ServiceNow® platform enables the Ravensdown team to set sustainable development goals and targets, create manageable indicators and actions, and assign them to people across the business. 

Ravensdown employees can view the reporting dashboard to track the organisations progress, creating greater accountability. But the solution goes beyond metrics as well.

The tool has created a positive culture around sustainability within the whole organisation, supporting Ravensdowns purpose of "smart farming for a better New Zealand." 

And the story doesn’t end here. Ecountable is now available in the ServiceNow® store. This means it can help other committed organisations not only reach their sustainability goals, but make a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the planet.

“It’s been fantastic to work on a project that’s so meaningful,” said Deloitte consultant, Molly Bell, “one that doesn’t just make an impact nationally, but internationally as well.”

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