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ESG materiality and engagement

The sustainability and climate team can provide you with support throughout this process, through varying degrees of involvement, depending on what stage your organisation is at in its journey

Organisations embarking on their sustainability journey must ask, ‘why do we exist?’ To answer this, it’s important to engage internally and externally with stakeholders as to how the organisation creates and erodes value. This can inform a materiality assessment of key sustainability issues to then be incorporated into strategy and decision making.

Once an organisation has their material sustainability issues, they can go on to incorporate these into their strategy, decision making (integrated thinking), impact measurement, and integrated reporting.

How we can help?

  • Stakeholder analysis and selection
    Determining stakeholder groups to engage with based on relevance to operations and impacts.
  • Stakeholder engagement policy development
    Figuring out the frequency and mode of engagement year on year along with a clear consistent methodology that is clearly documented.
  • Workshops, focus groups, interviews, and survey development
    We can run these for you or support you through the process. Regardless of our degree of involvement, the organisation is always involved  and kept in the loop.
  • Analysis of stakeholder engagement results
    Reviewing results and collating insights by stakeholder group. Conducting a desk-top review of industry peers and analysing results.
  • Materiality assessment
    Mapping out sustainability issues identified through stakeholder engagement according to importance to stakeholders and impacts on the business.

Sustainability & Climate

As the call for sustainability and climate action intensifies, businesses have an important role to play in the safeguarding of our planets future. Deloitte can support your organisation on the journey to a carbon neutral, climate resilient future.