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The Collaborative Advantage: driving ethics and benefit for all in New Zealand business and supply chains

The Collaborative Advantage is a network that aims to help participants meaningfully prepare for and respond to a myriad of ESG challenges with a collaborative and benefit mindset.

Co-hosted by Deloitte and knowledge partner Walk Free, the cross-industry group shares insights and resources to help address the social and environmental challenges common to all.

The group launched in October 2020, with participation growing steadily since.  A range of issues related to ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices, including a benefit for all mindset, company purpose and impact, stakeholder engagement, supply chain transparency, human rights, climate change and upcoming sustainability regulations are discussed.

The purpose of The Collaborative Advantage is to provide a forum for participants to learn and share information and practices relating to ethical and sustainable business.  

The key objectives of the group are to:

  • Learn from experts, government groups, and NGOs about new developments, tools, and initiatives
  • Learn from each other about our journeys - the good and the bad
  • Accelerate broader impact and drive action
  • Create a safe environment to share and ask questions in a non-competitive context
  • Develop a new mindset and new ways to conduct truly sustainable business

The group shares best practices as well as imperfections and mistakes to learn what it means to take authentic action to achieve shared social, economic, and environmental goals, encouraging a deeper perspective on the purpose of good business, social impact, stakeholder benefit, performance measurement, and how to communicate these.

In recognition that addressing modern slavery is an issue more complex than any one business could meaningfully respond to alone, the goal is to enable greater collaboration and shared learning to drive more sustainable transformation from within the New Zealand business communities on social sustainability topics.

Meetings are structured to enable members to reflect on and gain greater insight on specific themes for their respective businesses, and to discuss practical ways to convert these insights into actions.

The group is open to all businesses throughout New Zealand with an interest in promoting sustainability, ethical supply chains, and a benefit-for-all mindset.

To help address specific topics, select members of the academic, Government, or NGO communities are invited to participate.

The group currently consists of a wide variety of organisations in terms of size and industry. Some of New Zealand’s largest businesses are involved, as well as smaller retailers and start-ups.

Professionals with a background in sustainability are involved as well as those who are embedding sustainability into their roles across divisions such as procurement, finance, supply chain management, corporate affairs, marketing, strategy, risk, design, and quality.

Registrations are monitored centrally through the secretariat of The Collaborative Advantage. Please send your interest through to, and you will be provided with further details and a calendar invite to the next meeting.

Meetings are held under Chatham House Rule and with awareness of the Commerce Act.

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