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Case Solve

Improve insight, efficiency, risk and quality of the investigation and compliance process with Case Solve. A custom-built ServiceNow application that leverages deep investigation and technological experience to provide an end-to-end investigation and compliance case management Solutions.

Introducing Case Solve

Many organisations are dealing with large volumes of alerts, complaints and allegations for a variety of integrity issues including bullying, data breaches, harassment, health and safety and fraud. Unfortunately, investigation and compliance matters are often managed using outdated systems that make it difficult to manage risk, quality and efficiency on what are often sensitive and resource-intensive matters. That’s why we created Case Solve.             


Custom-built ServiceNow application.

Case Solve leverages our deep investigation and technology experience and expertise to provide an end-to-end investigation and compliance case management solution through ServiceNow, a widely supported digital platform across organisations.

Delivers operational efficiencies.

Gain access to a single, simple, source of the truth. Efficiently triages alerts so that the organisation’s limited investigation and compliance capacity is being prioritised and applied to the issues that matter most.

Scalable and cost-effective.

Case Solve can be scaled up or down to accommodate user groups of all sizes and configurations to workflows can be made as required. Clients can use Case Solve as is with limited configuration or as an accelerator, making it highly cost effective and quick to implement.

Keep up with an evolving environment.

The comprehensive and dynamic foundations of the ServiceNow platform and Case Solve Solutions means that clients can be confident that Case Solve will continuously develop and keep pace with shifting needs.

Insights with interactive dashboards and reporting.

Case Solve provides real-time visibility of case-loads, tasks and approvals allowing you to identify & resolve Issue before they turn into major problems. Rely on this single source of truth to answer questions from executive stakeholders or regulators with confidence and ease and manage your team and their workload.

Discover how Case Solve improves insight, efficiency, risk and quality management of the end-to-end investigation and compliance process.

Client stories

Enhanced investigation and compliance case management for a large agriculture business

The investigation and compliance teams of an APAC client was handling a wide variety of Issue, including customer complaints, quality control Issue, supplier Issue and stock discrepancies A single spreadsheet was being used by multiple team members who were trying to manage & track cases across 20,000 rows of spreadsheet data which was creating risk, efficiency and reporting Issue. The client is now using Case Solve and has expanded its use to other parts of the business as well.

Case Solve improves

Case Solve’s simplified interactive dashboard and dashboards and reporting s enables users to better understand what the Type of Issue and/or teams that are triggering the need for investigation. This assists in root cause identification and analysis, which better enables a prevention first approach. This allows potential Issue to be identified earlier and quickly brought to resolution.

It also provides management with visibility of case data to enable more effective resource management across teams. Reliable information that can be accessed through a single platform and used to answer questions from executive stakeholders or regulators with confidence and ease.

Case Solve provides an efficient way to triage alerts, so that the organisation's limited investigation and compliance capacity is being prioritised and applied to the issues that matter most.

Having cases managed in a consistent manner also generates efficiencies via:

1. Making it easier to find the information that matters on cases that span many years

2. Onboarding new people to the project

3. Onboarding new team members

Case Solve has standardised investigation and compliance workflows, so users can be confident that cases are being handled in a more consistent manner and better positioned to withstand downstream scrutiny.

Interested in Case Solve?

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How it works

Case Solve workflow

Key Features

Case Solve is designed to address the common investigation and compliance case management challenges.

  • Case notes: record notes, meetings and other communications.
  • Case plans: record tasks, assign responsibilities and due dates.
  • Case risks: maintain a risk register for each case with mitigations.
  • Evidence log: track all documents collected on a case.
  • Interviews: track all details relating to interviews.
  • Referrals and outcomes: track all referrals and their outcomes.
  • Knowledge base: an easy way to store, manage and share knowledge with your team.
  • Notifications: shares automated notifications and alerts individuals when an action is needed.
  • Reporting and dashboards: drive performance and consistency with key performance indicator’s that are tracked in real-time.

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