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Deloitte Graduates

Start here. Keep growing. Your success is our focus. Welcome to a place where your ambition is met with opportunity. 

At Deloitte, you’re part of a community who bring out the best in each other. You’ll start your career journey with a cohort of people just like you, who have recently completed their studies and are entering the world of professional services for the first time.  

Kick start your career and learn from the best of the best. 

After signing your contract, you’ll start the following February once you’ve finished your degree. You'll be allocated a buddy from your team who will connect with you before you start, answer any questions you may have, and invite you to any team events so you can feel part of the Deloitte whānau from the get-go.

To begin your career journey with Deloitte, you’ll be immersed in a week-long induction event, giving you the opportunity to connect with other graduates, learn more about our clients, services, and teams, and have lots of fun celebrating this exciting milestone. You'll be provided with the tools and training you'll need to get started, and your buddy will continue to support you as you settle in. Plus, you’ll also have a dedicated coach to help guide your career journey and provide you with regular feedback.

As a graduate at Deloitte New Zealand, you’ll become part of a global network, giving you access to the very best learning resources from around the world. From technical, professional and leadership skills training, to on-the-job learning and much more – you'll have all the help you need to build the skills to succeed. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a professional qualification, Deloitte supports this through paid study leave, subsidised courses, and training from senior members of the team. There are also other learning and development opportunities offered to our graduates outside of professional qualifications.

1. Apply


2. One-way video interview

  • Complete the video interview as per email instructions
  • Highlight your personality and suitability for the role as per your research


3. Two-way interview

  • Answer the phone or email when Deloitte staff contact you to arrange an interview
  • Confirm your interview attendance via return email
  • Attend the interview and meet Deloitte staff to talk more about the role and why you want to join the team


4. Offer

  • Receive a phone call from Deloitte regarding an offer 
  • Review and seek advice on the contract you recieve
  • Sign it!
  • Download a copy for your own records



  • When you're joining a client-facing organisation, communication, and the ability to work with people and in a team, are key.

Building relationships

  • Building relationships with people is important. Our clients come from a range of industries and backgrounds, so tell us how you have used extracurricular activities, work experience, community, sports, or church involvement, to connect with people. 


  • While grades aren’t everything, it's important to know that you are dedicated and apply yourself to learning. When life happens and your grades don't reflect your full capability, there’s room in your application and cover letter to tell us the whole story. 

Video interview

  • A video interview is your virtual introduction. Ensure you take the chance to check what you’re wearing, what’s in the background, and how you present yourself. Our team views every single video, so be sure to talk as you would to a potential future colleague.

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