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Kate Reid

Public Health Leader

I am a global business leader in healthcare with over 20 years of experience in delivering transformative technology enabled healthcare solutions. I’m hugely excited about the innovations and technologies that are rapidly transforming the way we consume and deliver healthcare.

I believe shifting from a ‘sickness’ to a ‘wellbeing’ system, relies on holistically managing all aspects of a person’s world, not just their physical health. To do this effectively, requires cross sector collaboration, partnership and a longer-term view of managing people’s overall health and wellbeing. We must also challenge how we currently deliver care, how we address the issues of equity of access and equitable outcomes and how consumers have access to the tools they need to truly engage in their own health and wellbeing.

The transformation required isn’t an easy job… healthcare is complex with many moving parts and as we all know, currently not well connected. That said, with national assets like the National Health Identifier, and arguably the richest longitudinal healthcare data set, NZ is poised to become one of the most innovative and revered health systems in the world. To get there, is going to take collaboration, great communication and team work and I’m committed to playing my part in that.

As one of the founders for Women in Health Tech, I believe in fostering diversity and creating pathways for women to reach their full potential. I am also privileged to be the Chair of DHA (Digital Health Association), the health IT industry body representing a diverse membership of over 175 digital health companies and service providers.  My focus on fostering partnerships and collaboration across health as part of DHA, interfaces well with my role as Partner for Digital Health at Deloitte where I continue to drive towards a more integrated and collaborative landscape for better health outcomes for all New Zealanders.