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Everett Toews

Director - Consulting

Within DevOps methodologies culture is core to bringing around real change for my clients because all business aspects need to be considered and this is at the heart of the DevOps approach. I currently specialise in developing platforms upon which customers can rapidly deploy their services and operate them securely and consistently.

My three focus areas cover architecture, design and development of the APIs and backend services necessary to create customer focused, modern applications. I look at the automation of pipelines, processes and infrastructure to increase their efficiency. I also look after developer experience of building cloud native applications through a combination of development, operations, testing, documentation and continuous integration/continuous delivery.

By using my experience from the different roles I’ve held such as software engineer, developer advocate, system administrator, and platform engineer to bring this helps ground my perspective to the organisations that I work with. My passion is to learn and teach new technologies, processes, and problem domains.