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Dan Wright

Partner and Chief Creative Officer - Deloitte Digital

My experience spans a range of creative projects and leadership roles across innovation, brand and communication. The common thread has been helping organisations make creative leaps to new ideas that will lead them to new outcomes – for themselves, their people and their customers.

Coming from the world of advertising agencies, what drew me to join the Deloitte Digital team was the opportunity to collide the power of creativity with the staggering capability and broad expertise of Deloitte, in a borderless and collaborative way. In a world where our clients are tackling the big issues, amongst trying to grow or transform their businesses, the integration of creativity into core business models, processes and products will be increasingly vital.

I am passionate about bringing new ideas to life that create positive change. Whether that’s changing the way people think about something, changing the way something works, or creating something that didn’t exist before. New ideas are the only way we will solve our biggest problems.

If you set out to build a machine to take great ideas and maximise the impact they can have on people, communities and the world, it would look like Deloitte Digital.