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Deloitte ‘State of the State’ report explores the strategic capabilities required for New Zealand to face global megatrends

Auckland, 31 July 2023 – Released today, the 2023 Deloitte New Zealand State of the State report explores the strategic capabilities required of New Zealand as a nation, a government, and a community, to face the impacts of current and incoming global trends.

In its sixth year, State of the State brings together experts alongside industry and community leaders to explore the role of the state in some of the biggest issues faced by Aotearoa. The report drives positive and constructive conversations and works on solutions that could improve outcomes for all Kiwis.

In the 2023 report, titled “Into the wind: Capabilities for navigating uncertainty,” we explore complexity, uncertainty, and disruption as they apply to our future as a nation. The report outlines an important stewardship role for the public sector, entrusted with laying the groundwork for a prosperous New Zealand for future generations. The role of steward spans our most critical systems including economic management, housing, welfare, education, health, and infrastructure.

Deloitte Partner, Adithi Pandit says “the challenges that lay before us as a nation, a government and a people are uncharted and uncertain. But the steps we take now to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead will resonate through the generations.”

State of the State outlines a set of six global megatrends that have the potential to challenge New Zealand’s ability to manage change. Faced with geopolitical tensions, climate change and biodiversity loss, persistent inequity, polarised perspectives, an ageing and changing population, and an accelerating technology landscape, it is not possible to plot a steady course through the chaos. In this high-stakes, high-uncertainty context, we will be challenged on our capabilities for managing change, and the consequences of the wrong action, or inaction, are greater than ever before.

“State of the State recommends a set of capabilities required to come out the other side into a future state that we can be proud of. Working alongside business, iwi, and communities, the public sector collectively should look to understand, shape, adapt to, and build resilience for the future to fully support New Zealand’s journey ahead,” continues Pandit.

The capabilities are spread across two categories; ‘choosing in uncertainty’ and ‘acting through disruption.’ These are identified as the main areas that may challenge our ability to manage change.

Deloitte’s State of the State 2023 highlights the role that people have to play in our future. The depth and breadth of human capability is the only reliable hedge against the challenges represented by these megatrends. Talent, insight, empathy, and lived experience are the most valuable things we have to overcome the obstacles we face.

“We now have an opportunity to make choices, take action, make an impact, and navigate a course towards positive outcomes for our people, communities, country, and the futures of generations to come,” says Pandit.

To read the full State of the State report including global megatrends and the capabilities required to face them, visit