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Deloitte New Zealand achieves AWS Generative AI Competency

Auckland, 6 May 2024: Deloitte New Zealand is excited to announce the achievement of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency status.

The AWS Generative AI Competency is a significant milestone that recognises AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners’ technical proficiency and demonstrated success in helping customers innovate using Generative AI. 

Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency differentiates Deloitte as an APN member that has delivered proven customer success through the application or integration of these technologies. Deloitte New Zealand has showcased an ability to help APN customers build machine learning-powered solutions that proactively understand, reason, learn and interact to predict and solve customer problems.

Attaining this competency is an important validation of our ability to offer clients more personalised, advanced and innovative solutions, comments Deloitte Partner Damian Harvey. “It sets us apart from our competitors due to the difficulty in attaining it, which required demonstrable expertise in using AWS Generative AI (GenAI) tools such as Amazon Bedrock. This expertise was gained while delivering GenAI solutions for our clients that have shown remarkable business outcomes."

"We’re thrilled to be recognised for our team's dedication and commitment. This achievement reinforces our strategic relationship with AWS, and our continuous dedication to serving our clients."

This particular competency helps AWS customers more quickly adopt Gen AI solutions and strategically position themselves for the future. Together, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Deloitte empower digital transformation for organisations ready to embrace the latest advancements in AI technology, including the rapidly expanding field of Gen AI.

One such example that contributed to attaining the AWS Generative AI Competency is Deloitte’s work with Chorus, a company that has built and now operates the majority of New Zealand’s fibre internet network, providing super-fast broadband that elevates customer experiences. Chorus sought to investigate GenAI solutions to foster efficiency within their technology architecture repository, which posed challenges for new staff seeking quick answers to queries. Deloitte developed a GenAI solution on Amazon Bedrock to consolidate and operationalise all software architecture documents, resulting in access to required information in seconds rather than hours. 

“The proof of concept yielded outstanding results,” says Michael Brosnahan, portfolio architect at Chorus New Zealand. “The generative AI tool provided a significantly better user experience and delivered a 75 percent productivity increase compared with new staff performing the same activity before we introduced the tool. Buoyed by this success, Chorus New Zealand is now actively exploring additional areas where Generative AI can expedite operations and streamline processes.”

The solution delivered faster access to information, improved productivity and efficiency, enabled additional use cases, and ultimately boosted speed of decision making once adopted with the proper operating model.

Deloitte is committed to helping our clients understand and access the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Deloitte’s solutions leverage cutting-edge algorithms and deep learning techniques to deliver customised and scalable AI use cases that meet the unique needs of clients.

“We're just scratching the surface of GenAI's potential," says Dr. Amanda Williamson, Generative AI Lead for Deloitte New Zealand. "In the future, we envision a GenAI that seamlessly integrates into people’s work lives, enhancing their abilities and decision-making through the use of these tools. We have the opportunity to shape a future where knowledge is accessible, collaboration is amplified, and work becomes truly personalised.”

Deloitte is leading the delivery of AWS-powered Gen AI solutions to organisations in New Zealand. To find out more please contact our Generative AI team.