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Frontline workers in the Transportation, Hospitality & Services sector

How can companies acquire, retain, and reward talent?

Due to the strong economic outlook and low unemployment rate, early 2020 witnessed a booming market with employers competing for high-quality frontline workers. But then came the pandemic, putting a halt to the hiring spree. While all major sectors witnessed layoffs of frontline employees in large numbers, unemployment for accommodation and food services workers went from a pre-pandemic 6% to 37% in March 2020.

The Transportation, Hospitality & Services (THS) sector, hit especially hard, would struggle through two more years of lockdown. Businesses soon realised that talent was the next big challenge and finding ways to crack open and accelerate hiring is essential.

In this three-part article series, we explore some leading talent strategies that THS companies could leverage to reimagine recruitment and address the current landscape of frontline workers. Each article deep-dives on the approaches to attract, reward, and retain frontline workers, respectively.

The competition for frontline workers


Companies within the THS sector need to shift their perspective and find ways to accelerate hiring and attract top-quality frontline workers.

It's clear that to win today's talent race and attract crucial frontline workers, THS companies must take a fresh approach to recruitment. To stay ahead of the competition, hiring as usual is not an option. This first article in the series, explores some key talent acquisition and hiring tactics for the industries relying on hourly labor, including trucking, delivery, airlines, hospitality, car rentals, and restaurants. Tech-enabled hiring, building a promising brand for employees, and bridging the skill gaps are some strategies that can help acquire frontline workers.

Retaining frontline talent through career mobility and growth


Frontline THS workers are critical to your organisation’s success. They often make up the majority of a company’s workforce, yet receive little attention—and continue to turnover at alarming rates. They are difficult to attract and expensive to replace, so shouldn’t we do everything possible to retain them?

This second article in the series, explores how organisations can rethink the frontline worker experience and make the most of their hiring and onboarding efforts by planning for the longer-term. Organisations with meaningful programs and opportunities can reduce turnover, spend more time upskilling rather than training, and turn frontline employees into loyal, proud brand ambassadors. We delve into three strategies that can help quell turnover and retain frontline workers.

Creative approaches to reward packages for frontline workers


A great deal of time and effort is spent creating reward packages for salaried employees—but compensation and benefits for frontline workers rarely receives the same consideration. With the competition for frontline workers heating up, creative, differentiated, and thoughtful total rewards packages are becoming increasingly important.

This last article in the series, explores how organisations can reimagine the total rewards packages for the frontline workers and stay invested in their quality of life and continued success. It also highlights the creative approach companies must take to keep today’s frontline workers satisfied and productive, while building a culture of respect and recognition at all levels of the organisation.

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