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Tech Trends 2024

Deloitte’s 15th annual Tech Trends report identifies advancements across six macro technology forces critical to business transformation

Deloitte’s annual global Tech Trends report seeks to make sense of what’s now, new and next in enterprise tech.

This 15th edition chronicles the growing business imperative to balance today’s tactical needs with tomorrow’s strategic ambitions. It further highlights how AI, including Generative AI, can liberate workers from the mundane, enabling them to concentrate on higher-value, future-oriented work, and boldly posits that in an age of creative machines, creative humans matter more than ever.

With input from Deloitte experts around the world, this latest report offers considerations for organisations, including those in New Zealand, working through the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and how best to use them to enhance existing systems, investments, and teams.

Download and explore the full report here.

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