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New Zealand FinTech Pulsecheck 2024

Building trust and transparency in the financial services sector

The financial services sector continues to see rapid change and as we move towards a new horizon of digital enablement, trust and transparency has never been more critical. As the financial services industry grapples with challenges related to data, privacy, fraud and the need to improve  transparency and innovation, FinTech can offer a fresh perspective on how to address these challenges and put customers first.

The 2024 FinTech pulsecheck is the second report from Deloitte and FinTechNZ that explores the FinTech landscape in New Zealand and seeks to understand the impact that innovation stands to have on the level of trust and transparency for the financial services industry overall, and what this will ultimately mean for FinTech’s, banks and consumers as part of an ever changing sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This report reviews the following:

  • The current New Zealand environment and how the industry needs to respond
  • The regulatory environment, including the implications of CoFI, open banking, consumer data right and the Customer and Product Data Bill
  • Leveraging digital innovation to promote trust and transparency in FinTech-driven technologies, including digital wallets and cryptocurrency among others
  • New Zealand FinTech infrastructure

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