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Zero Operations

Transforming banking productivity for tomorrow

Today's banking landscape is complex, and within it, a trend towards 'Zero Operations' (Zero Ops) is gaining traction. Zero Ops isn’t entirely a new concept, it's a modern take on the timeless quest for operational excellence. But the stakes are much higher today. With revolutionary technologies like AI at our fingertips, banks should not settle for incremental gains, but set their sights for transformative breakthroughs. The choice to commit to Zero Ops today will define industry leaders in the decades to come as we step into the future of banking driven by unprecedented demand for agility and efficiency. Many banking leaders already recognise the potential of Zero Ops to get ahead but doing it right requires a strategic, structured, and purposeful execution for optimal outcomes.

Explore the full article, including case studies and heatmaps of key banking functions for Zero Ops and get in touch with our experts.

This paper was authored by Daniel Lee.

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