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2024 Dealership Benchmarks

Reignite your pursuit of benchmark performance. To support dealers, we are delighted to present our 2024 Dealership Benchmarks for the New Zealand and Australian car market.


Following a year of fluctuating new car gross margins, returning stock and increased interest rates, we’ve analysed the data and set a new framework of metrics to help New Zealand and Australian dealers build a sustainable, long-term business. In the 12 months leading up to the benchmark period, more than 180 New Zealand dealers and 1,800 Australian dealers uploaded data to the eProfitFocus/ProfitFocus system. This data is the starting point for these benchmarks, while the actual results of the top 30% of dealers in each key department – new, used, parts, service, and finance and insurance (F&I) – as well as the top performers overall, form the reference point. This ensures the benchmarks are always tied to actual performance levels that are achievable in the prevailing market.

We then review this raw data in light of industry trends and long-held best practices to derive a set of benchmarks. It’s worth acknowledging new business models are emerging as the automotive market evolves. But with most dealers still operating under a traditional wholesale model, we’ve been careful to only use data relevant to that model in our workings. The benchmarks are split into three market categories – Volume, Prestige and Luxury – to reflect the most common business models among dealers. While these models are intrinsically impacted by the brands dealers carry, the benchmarks are not a commentary on the positioning or esteem of those brands.

Discover more in the full report, and please reach out to our Deloitte team if you’d like to discuss the findings.

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