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Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Government

We help governments meet the unique challenges presented by infrastructure and transport in a time of rapidly advancing technology and consumer demand. With public institutions under increased pressure to deliver sustainable, accessible solutions, the need for new thinking is more critical than ever.

Regional government services to better lives

We believe the role of regional government is to make a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. Through urban transformation and fresh ways of thinking, we can work to deliver better outcomes for our communities. 

Addressing key challenges from green infrastructure and sustainability to smart technologies and transport, we can turn our research and insights into resilient, low-risk solutions that are both sustainable and accessible—to build smarter cities, and to better the lives of the people living in them.

Our infrastructure services

Deloitte Luxembourg’s highly skilled and experienced infrastructure specialists offer an end-to-end service for investors, fund promoters, developers, and operators in both the private and public sectors, throughout the entire lifecycle.

Our knowledge and credentials range from transport and telecommunications to renewables and energy, but also in assuring the right dots are connected within our ESG, Public Sector and Smart Cities initiatives.

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