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Reward offering services

Strategic and tactical support for your organisation’s reward offering

In a new era of reward thinking, organisations are reviewing their traditional reward structures to ensure they can still achieve the company’s current and long term goals

How we can help

Our Reward Services team can provide you with strategic and tactical support for all aspects of your organisation’s reward offering, ensuring it continues to drive a high performance culture and a differentiated employee experience. By combining reward expertise and business advisory skills, we can apply insights gained from our understanding of various industries and sectors to ensure your reward strategy enables the business to meet its strategic goals.

Executive reward

Broad employee reward

Gender Pay Gap


With the December reporting fast approaching, for companies with 250 or more employees, how far has your organisation progressed in its gender pay gap journey? In calculating your gender pay gap, we recommend breaking this process down into five stages. These stages are assessing the gender pay gap requirements, collecting your data, completing your calculations, setting your gender pay gap strategy and obtaining buy in and writing your report. Deloitte can help you navigate these stages in your gender pay gap journey. Download our brochure to learn more How can we support you? Gender Pay Gap legislation in Ireland, organisation’s compliance, and wider Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy. Challenges your organisation faces Irish Legislation & DEI Agenda..

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How can we support you?

Advisory services in relation to workforce reward strategy, market best practice, and the future of reward.

Challenges your organisation faces

Company Growth, Retention, Governance.