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Internship Diaries: Carol from Finance & Performance

Carol talks about the Summer Internship experience in Deloitte Consulting

“Be curious!”

This was one of the first pieces of advice given to the interns from a partner during a meet and greet session in the first week of the internship. It was my motto during my experience!

As with anything new, the beginning always has its challenges. Adjusting to professional life, jumping from meeting to meeting, learning from various trainings, and keeping up with tasks and professional lingo was all new to me. However, the culture at Deloitte made these processes very simple and it was quite easy to settle in. I was warmly welcomed by people who are always willing to help, open to questions and genuinely wish for you to learn and grow. 

When I was first settling into the consulting mojo - a lot of multi-tasking! - my team checked in with me on a regular basis. Even the most complex puzzles were dealt with swiftly, step by step, and so naturally, that adjusting was comfortable. I was given opportunities to learn directly from the work of analysts, seniors, managers, directors and even partners. I was given insight to how each person’s responsibilities contribute to the bigger picture; delivering effective and creative results and of course, making Deloitte the top professional services firm. We worked as a dream team.

Carol majors in Business & Economics at Trinity College, and spent summer 2021 in our Finance & Performance (F&P) team in Deloitte Consulting. Our F&P team works closely with CFOs to transform their finance functions.

I was immediately engaged in team building and co-creating. Over time my responsibilities as an intern grew, and with that so did my skills. After the completion of each task, the cherry on top was regularly receiving feedback from my team and career coach – I found this aspect of mentorship excellent.

Over the few months that I worked in the financial services sector, my hard/technical skills advanced as well as my soft skills. Curiosity is truly embraced at this firm; I was always encouraged to put my hand up and “get out there”. This is something I aim to continue doing going forward!

I also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to network within a company of very bright and creative individuals - so I met with over 25 employees outside of my team of six! They all were friendly, confident, and shared their wonderful experiences without hesitation. I got an informative insight into consulting and other business units, grasping what goes on within different teams at Deloitte and how relationships are so integrated. While there is great diversity and endless impactful stories, one thing everyone has in common is that Deloitte really encourage everyone to carve their own career paths, to grow on a professional and personal level and make a difference - something I find very attractive as I learn more about the professional services world.

Through other networking events such as professional skills workshops, personal development workshops and general social activities I created many connections and newfound friendships (an amazing result for a virtual internship!)

Without a doubt I learnt a tremendous amount and simultaneously developed my character and had great support at all times. The combination of a collaborative, caring culture and intelligent humans makes for a truly energetic atmosphere at Deloitte - I certainly had an indisputable experience with an indisputable market leader.

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