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My summer as an Audit intern: Part 1

Breaking the ice, virtual coffees, and pitching to partners

My experience with Deloitte has been a whirlwind of discovery, responsibility, excitement and self-actualisation… and to think it almost never happened! When I heard that they would be adapting to the current environment by offering a virtual Audit internship, I was beyond thrilled. Whilst a virtual internship was not what I was expecting, I can truthfully say it has been an invaluable experience.

The winning Hackathon team

The prospect of the initial training week was daunting: I would be meeting 44 other interns virtually and learning to use new software without anyone physically next to me to demonstrate. I need not have worried though - icebreakers and Zoom connectivity events allowed me to establish a rapport with the other interns and we were welcomed to the firm by many partners and managers. The actual training was facilitated over Zoom, and we were taken through all technical procedures step by step.

The work I was initially tasked with was very manageable. This allowed me to get to grips with the software and gain confidence early on in my ability to perform the tasks. As the weeks progressed and Associates went on study leave for their exams, my responsibilities increased and I was entrusted with a much larger volume of work. Very much enjoying a challenge, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on more complex aspects of the engagement file and to execute a variety of testing procedures. I have become much more proficient in the use of Excel - particularly in its analytical functions - and have used my professional judgement in deciding if certain elements of files require further investigation by a Senior or not. I gained a real insight into Audit and Assurance, and as a university student heading into the penultimate year of my course, this knowledge is crucial in deciding my future career path.

A whole day was set aside for a virtual Hackathon, where we were required to work in teams to pitch to partners on the importance of non-financial reporting. Working in a team with some interns I had never spoken to before (and faced with the prospect of pitching to Audit partners and the head of Audit in less than 5 hours) really stimulated me to work efficiently and to come up with creative ideas in a short amount of time. Having to pitch a viable proposal in only three minutes certainly provided me with an insight into the working world - there isn’t always a lot of time to prepare, and one must learn to research data and formulate effective solutions quickly. The day was very enjoyable and I am delighted to say we won the contest for having the most logical solutions to leveraging Corporate Responsibility opportunities in the fast fashion industry.

We also had another project to work on from the beginning of the programme which was to be presented to Audit partners near the end of the internship. We would be acting as a team from Deloitte and simulating a pitch to potential clients. This project emphasized our time management and organisational skills - whilst still working on my day-to-day tasks, I had to expend sufficient time and effort into this presentation. Collaborating with the other interns was particularly enjoyable, and seeing an impressive proposal take shape over the course of a few weeks was incredibly satisfying. I had the opportunity to express my ideas within the team, and was able to use my own creativity to help distinguish our proposal from other teams. Winning this competition was very rewarding and made our immense effort worthwhile.

The one aspect of this internship which truly made it such an enjoyable experience was the people at Deloitte. There is such a friendly and approachable environment - even virtually.

I felt I could ask anyone a question and be received in a welcoming manner, and our virtual coffee mornings every Friday allowed me to make many new, valuable connections. I’d especially like to thank my ‘buddy’, who truly made the experience easier for me. 

Deloitte really made a positive impact both in the personal and academic aspects of my life this summer. I’d like to thank everyone who made this internship possible – it’s an experience I am incredibly grateful for. 

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