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Indirect Tax Recovery

Indirect Tax

Deloitte provides advice and practical support to allow businesses to effectively process and manage their indirect tax refund claims.

Revolutionizing VAT/GST recovery with Deloitte’s Revatic Smart technology

Many businesses are missing opportunities in countries around the world that allow refunds of VAT/GST or rely on time-consuming (manual) processes to gather VAT/GST expense information, prepare refund claims and submit the claims to the tax authorities.

Leveraging Deloitte’s proprietary Revatic Smart technology and our global network of indirect tax professionals, businesses can introduce automation reducing the time and cost to gather the required information and building in transparency to the global VAT/GST recovery process.

Deloitte Revatic Smart extracts data from invoices and receipts quickly and accurately by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then automatically calculates deduction restrictions on certain types of expenditure. It organizes the information into the required format, ready for submission to the tax authorities.

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