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Generative AI for Tax

Shaping the Future of Tax with GenAI

Generative AI – The future, now.

As Generative AI (GenAI) continues to revolutionize how works gets done, the tax profession is no exception. Here, we provide insights, resources on developments in GenAI for tax compliance, strategy, and forecasting, and examples of how Deloitte is working with our clients and alliance parties to unlock its potential to develop the future of tax, now.

What does GenAI mean for tax?

GenAI offers an inspired opportunity to generate advantage and the potential for harnessing it within Tax is wide-ranging. From statutory tax compliance through to elevating knowledge management and integrating systems, there are a many ways in which, over time, GenAI can complement delivery, augment professionals, accelerate innovation and increase quality and accuracy.

What should tax directors be thinking about?

Tax professionals now have access to powerful AI-enabled solutions that can revolutionize their processes and decision-making. In Deloitte’s recent report, we aim to provide tax directors with a strategic framework for integrating GenAI within the tax function. We also explore the broader capabilities of GenAI and its potential applications in the short, medium, and long term, while addressing the risks associated with AI.

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Explore how Deloitte is harnessing GenAI

From cutting-edge tax solutions like Intela to exploring the implications of GenAI in the legal space, Deloitte is exploring all the ways these breakthrough technologies can help us all step into the future.

Intela by Deloitte

By combining AI and cloud computing technologies, Intela can help unite information, processes, teams, and automate workflows while also providing customized-for-you views of Deloitte knowledge on tax developments and industry trends.