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Bridge Your GAAP

Where spreadsheets end

Do you struggle to prepare local GAAP conversions across jurisdictions using multiple spreadsheets? Do you need a better way to ensure your statutory figures are locally compliant?

Are you ready for a more consistent and automated solution?

Deloitte Bridge Your GAAP solution provides you with:

  • An account-level detail of GAAP differences through conversion adjustments
  • A local statutory trial balance and financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account)
  • A series of additional reconciliations, such as equity, transfer pricing and corporate tax to support the consistency of the conversion
  • Access to an international team with more than 15 years of expertise in statutory reporting

The combination of our expertise and modern purpose-built cloud technology has led to a unique global solution to support GAAP to GAAP conversions. 

The cloud based GAAP conversion solution featuring:

Bridge Your GAAP

Implementing changes to your local country reporting templates in a timely manner can be a struggle–tax teams remain highly dependent on local finance teams. Collaborating through spreadsheets and manual reconciliations, often error-prone, is also difficult and time-consuming