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Pillar Two Global podcast series: Rethinking your tax tech and data needs

Welcome to our Pillar Two podcast series, where our leaders converge to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities as it relates to the OECD Pillar Two model rules.

Transitioning to Pillar Two requires multinationals to assess and understand the data structures for each jurisdiction they operate in. In this episode, Deloitte tax leaders explore the new data requirements and how multinationals should be looking at and thinking differently about their tax data and technologies.

Data is the biggest hurdle most multinationals are facing in the lead-up to the 2024 transition to Pillar Two. Tax executives need to understand the key role data plays in modeling and compliance under the new rule set, but where do they start? Ryan Duchene from Deloitte’s International Tax team and Brad Ford from Deloitte’s Tax Technology Consulting team discuss the role data will play in identifying tax jurisdictions, relevant technologies that will help the process, and how organizations can approach new data demands.

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