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Innovation plus insight: The power to transform tax data collection and reporting

Intela lets you focus more on uncovering insights that drive value.

Tax data and reporting requirements keep getting more complex, teams leaner, and stakeholder expectations higher. When your job is this taxing, you need a smarter way to collect, analyze, and report tax data. 

Combining human ingenuity and leading-edge tech, Deloitte tax services are powered by Intela, our leading-edge global platform designed for tax professionals. This integrated, innovative tech ecosystem helps you collect, manipulate, and map data; plan and manage workflows; and unearth powerful insights. The result: More insights. More efficiencies. Greater opportunity.

Get to know the key features of Intela below, and dive deeper with our interactive PDF.

Extract, transform, and organize your data

Data collection and verification is a notorious pain point for tax departments. With Intela, you can use your choice of secure automated data extraction or easy drag-and-drop tools to quickly extract accurate, properly formatted information from your enterprise systems, and deliver it ready for your team to use.

Integrate tax processing into your work flow

Keeping up to date on project milestones and filing deadlines is a task in itself—one that takes up more time than you might realize. Intela radically simplifies process management, integrating core workflow and document handling with Deloitte’s industry-leading tax technologies to create a tax ecosystem based in consistent, repeatable, and auditable processes. For example, Intela machine learning automatically classifies book data into tax-sensitized data to streamline tax compliance and planning. 

Track work in real time

In the flurry of tax and compliance activities, it's easy to lose track of exactly which projects are in danger of falling behind schedule or running into unanticipated difficulties. Intela provides easy-to-use tools to track progress against due dates and milestones. You can view team members' responsibilities, deliverables, and deadlines; verify progress with real-time work status; and address potential problems before they turn into unwelcome surprises.

Collaborate with a shared digital platform

Intela's secure, centralized platform makes it easy to collect, manage, analyze, and share tax data from anywhere in your organization. With a single transmission, you can share data with multiple tax and compliance specialists. And no more missing emails, outdated information, or version control issues—everyone's working with the most current information. 

Identify relevant insights

Throughout the tax process, Intela's speed, precision, and efficiency clears the way for valuable, actionable insights into your business, industry, and tax profile—helping you meet your goals while positioning tax as a strategic business partner to the organization.

Learn more about the Deloitte tax experience, powered by Intela.

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