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Deloitte Zero Trust Services

Never trust. Always verify.

Unlock end-to-end business value. 

Traditional perimeter-based security strategies are no longer effective in the interconnected and digitally driven modern enterprise. The boundaries of organizations are becoming less defined, creating opportunities for new business value, and new cyber risks.

Deloitte Zero Trust Services

Unlocking end-to-end business benefits with a modern security architecture

Deloitte’s Zero Trust services offer a structured, multi-layered strategy enabling organizations to transition from a legacy perimeter-based cybersecurity posture to a model that eliminates implicit trust at every point. Leveraging our comprehensive capabilities, we empower you to enhance business agility, optimize IT expenditure, and foster innovation at an accelerated pace.

As modern infrastructure demands a new security approach, adopting a Zero Trust approach aids in safeguarding the enterprise, bridging the transformational divide, and enhancing business flexibility.

Business benefits from the Zero Trust model

The Deloitte Zero Trust Difference

Deloitte delivers capabilities that address end-to-end needs across three essential areas—the governance layer, the enabling layer, and core domains.

The Governance layer ensures a cohesive top- down strategy that considers stakeholder consensus to achieve necessary cultural, architectural, and operational changes

  • Architecture: Provide a robust, mature, and flexible enterprise security architecture enabling appropriate risk appetite while allowing security by design and cutting-edge security solutions
  • Culture, Comms, & Awareness: Facilitate active engagement of employees and embedding Zero Trust principles into the security DNA of the organization
  • Operations: Enable IT operations to adapt to the changes caused by a Zero Trust model and facilitate alignment to its core principles through People, Process, and Technology improvements

The Enabling layer helps automate & orchestrate enforcement policies while continually analyzing threat and configuration telemetry to identify and proactively act on suspicious or potentially malicious activity

  • Telemetry and Analytics: Achieve full visibility across all digital assets to deliver meaningful insights from different sources of digital infrastructure for all five core domains
  • Automation and Orchestration: Enable continuous security and compliance monitoring of digital infrastructure by deploying automated use cases across all core domains


A Zero Trust model is built upon strong foundational capabilities across five technical domains. The maturity across core domains ultimately drives an organization’s Zero Trust maturity

  • Identities: Integrate centralized and consolidated identity technologies with the digital identity landscape to embrace context aware authentication
  • Workloads: Guarantee secure cloud deployment pipelines based on security reference architecture through automated testing and application of static and dynamic analysis
  • Data: Ensure data-in all states (e.g., in-motion, at rest, in-change, in-use) and throughout the data lifecycle is protected, visible, and under control
  • Networks: Utilize public networks, identity-based access and micro-perimeter for legacy services (i.e., software-defined perimeters), rather than private networks and perimeter-based security
  • Devices: Facilitate real-time assessed device trust level based on device health and conditional criteria


Why Deloitte

To help you drive outcomes that matter, Deloitte provides a global network of professionals who bring a powerful business lens, domain-level expertise, multidisciplinary capabilities, leading edge tools, and strong vendor relationships.

  • Powerful business lens: Deloitte takes a “business first” approach in all our Zero Trust engagements—to understand your business needs and objectives, as well as the business drivers that will help shape your new security architecture and broader ecosystem of solutions.
  • Extensive global network: The size and scope of Deloitte’s Global Cyber network allows you to tap into a deep well of specialists that can address the complexity of cybersecurity—no matter where you operate in the world. That network includes professionals in analytics, legal/regulatory, digital transformation, supply chain, procurement, finance, and other disciplines.
  • Multidisciplinary capabilities: When it comes to the services involved in a Zero Trust transformation, Deloitte can go far beyond what others might offer. Our breadth of services is enabled by a multidisciplinary model—which provides a range of capabilities and solutions under one professional network, covering needs across business consulting, tax, accounting, audit, assurance, risk advisory, and financial advisory.
  • Leading tools for security transformation: Deloitte provides a wealth of proprietary assets and resources that can help accelerate your organization’s Zero Trust journey. In addition to providing interactive lab experiences that help you build and refine your cyber strategy, we leverage exclusive maturity assessment models, benchmarking tools, reference architectures, and playbooks that help you understand where you stand compared to your peers and enable you to transform with greater confidence.
  • Strong ecosystem alliances: Deloitte has long-standing relationships that go beyond traditional vendor partnerships. Our vast ecosystem and alliance network is powered by tailored solutions that help transform technologies into capabilities. This means we can address complex needs and challenges that encompass cyber, business solutions, and technology innovation—helping you establish a modern security architecture leveraging the solutions your business uses and needs.

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