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Stepping into the Future of Cyber: An industry outlook

How can your industry prepare for an evolving cyber landscape? As organizations navigate into a future of economic challenges with creasing threats, executives are supercharging growth and confidence with cyber. Find out how your industry is embedding cybersecurity across their broader business strategy. 

Deloitte’s 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey reveals that cyber increasingly plays a foundational role in delivering business outcomes. Based on responses of more than 1,000 cyber decision-makers holding various C-suite roles in 20 countries, a new reality is taking shape. In many organizations, cyber has grown far beyond its technology roots to become more tightly woven into business operations, outcomes, and opportunities.

For organizations across all industries, the quality of those outcomes will depend on how well decision-makers secure their business through a strategic “zero trust” approach as their connected system landscapes grow. How you embed cyber thinking, planning, and action into all your business initiatives will directly influence the success of those initiatives.

No matter where you are today—and no matter where you want to go—it helps to start with a clear understanding of what is possible and what may lie on the road ahead.

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