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Internet Regulation Services

Navigating a new digital landscape of risk and opportunity

As a leading provider of Internet Regulation services, Deloitte provides a multi-disciplinary team of risk, compliance, economic and legal specialists to support you and your partners across the regulatory lifecycle.

Deloitte Internet Regulation Services

For any company with the Internet at its heart, compliance with new laws must be a priority enterprise capability. Digital platform businesses face mounting pressures as regulators and policymakers drive a new wave of far-reaching regulations. The financial consequences for non-compliance can be significant, but even more damaging could be the impact to brand and reputation. Navigating these regulations can be challenging, and many organizations are working out how to mature their core governance and compliance capabilities at enterprise scale.

As the Internet becomes a highly-regulated space, there is an opportunity for businesses to differentiate through trust, by embedding the competencies that keep themselves and their users safe. And they must put compliance at the beginning of the product engineering cycle, not the end, so they can get ahead of the regulatory and competitive curve.

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Here’s a breakdown of what Deloitte’s Internet Regulation team delivers

Deloitte’s Internet Regulation approach

Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary teams combine risk and compliance specialists, lawyers, internal and external auditors, economic advisors, and business transformation specialists who have extensive experience providing Internet Regulation services to Internet platform companies, working globally together on cross-border engagements. The strength of our multi-disciplinary model lies in the following:

  • Geographies: With  a presence in 150 countries and territories around the world that enables it to bring in regulatory specialists across jurisdictions who can advise on the evolving regulatory waves impacting Internet companies. Deloitte brings deep regulatory knowledge at scale aligned with clients’ global footprints.
  • Industries: Deloitte brings dedicated technology, media, and telecommunications, and consumer industry specialists to the table who have worked with Internet companies for decades, along with leaders from other industries as more and more organizations become Internet companies. Deloitte brings in industry leaders to provide the knowledge needed to mobilize regulatory responses that are the right fit and can scale to fit for the future.
  • Disciplines: Deloitte has specialists in law, regulation, risk, compliance programs, investigations, assurance, culture and training, ethics, technology, business transformation, data, audit, and many more. Bringing an integrated team of specialists to every engagement based on needs to enable clients to have insights from every angle.

Managing an integrated compliance model across multiple regulations and jurisdictions is now too complex an activity to rely on spreadsheets and other locally held files. Technology is required to support a consistent approach to compliance across the organization; enforce roles, responsibility, and accountability; and increase the ability to audit and provide assurance over regulatory compliance.

Example technology solutions that support regulatory compliance include:

  • Regulatory scanning/ingestion – tools designed to identify current and future regulations and break them down into key obligations. Sophisticated versions of these tools include artificial intelligence to identify and analyze changes in regulatory texts and guidance.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance – tools designed to support the end-to-end compliance process, including linking regulatory measures, strategic risks, policies and operational processes (including process flows), and action tracking.
  • Monitoring – tools designed to support compliance with specific measures, such as artificial intelligence tools to support ongoing content moderation.

Our global multi-disciplinary model comprises premium advisory, operating model transformation and delivery, large scale Operate offerings, and ongoing assurance.

The whole array of our bespoke offerings is based on – and adapted to clients’ needs, including strategy, planning, implementation, technology enablement, risk management, testing, and remediation.

While the immediate regulatory focus is on the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications and Consumer sectors, almost all industries and sectors are affected because today, every company is an Internet company. This includes:

  • Government & Public Services
  • Financial Services
  • Energy, Resources & Industrials
  • Life Sciences & Health Care

Why Deloitte

Deloitte’s Internet Regulation services, led by our Risk Advisory business, brings together skillsets for each of Deloitte’s services, and span a broad range of business-critical services that can help clients achieve and maintain compliance across the entire regulation lifecycle.

We help organizations achieve results that enhance not only their regulatory stances but also their overall value:

  • Future-ready protection against business change in a time of uncertainty
  • Regulatory compliance through reporting
  • Business resilience and certainty in partnership with Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary team of risk, compliance, economic, and legal specialists



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