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Mergers & Acquisitions

Growing your business

We help ensure end-to-end that acquisitions and disposals are conducted swiftly and seamlessly to realize better outcomes while avoiding legal pitfalls.

A focus on better business outcomes

Technological advances are changing the shape of M&A. Coupled with an evolving regulatory ecosystem—increasing complexity around national security, HR, data privacy, and ESG—participants have to address new risks that can significantly impact the success and structure of M&A transactions.

Deloitte Legal’s industrialized M&A service is a full legal package across the M&A lifecycle with a focus on delivering business value during any stage of the transaction and on a repeatable basis. Our approach provides a robust, rigorous, and repeatable way of doing M&A, informed by Deloitte's deep understanding and experience of transaction processes. We bring business and market insight to address today’s complex risk environment.

Our smart and focused operational support is aimed at adding value for you through process automation, technology, and flexible resourcing, without compromising quality. Supported throughout by our M&A advisory capability, we are refining M&A deals by targeting specific aspects of the process where solutions can benefit business outcomes.

Enhancing deals to drive profitable growth across the M&A lifecycle

With increasing business expectations and a rise in innovation, we support you with better outcomes and leverage technology throughout the M&A lifecycle driving consistency, visibility, and scale.