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Cross-jurisdictional data protection and AI overview – second edition

Recent updates and upcoming developments

The emerging European legal framework is centered around data protection, with new acts being introduced to shape the digital future of the EU. Deloitte Legal has consolidated an overview of data protection laws, AI updates, and upcoming developments across 16 jurisdictions.

In today’s digital economy, strategic data governance is crucial for businesses of all sizes and operating in any industry. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018, provided economical operators a uniform legal framework that helped in structuring procedures, documents, contractual relationships, etc. on common basis. Despite this, the GDPR still leaves a wide margin of discretion to EU member states.

Furthermore, the GDPR is now being strengthened by new European Acts that fall under the EU strategic plan for digital transformation, setting standards to shape the digital future of the EU (such as the AI Act, the Digital Markets Act, the Digital Services Act, the Data Act, the Data Governance Act, and the NIS 2 Directive, etc.).

The common denominator in the emerging European legal framework is data, the protection of which remains a cornerstone in the European Union.

Now, after five years of effectiveness of the GDPR, thanks to the interpretation given to the privacy and data protection laws by courts, authorities and practitioners, some best practices have been established.

In order to comply with the applicable complex legal framework and to achieve effective data management within an organization, an integrated approach is therefore fundamental and Deloitte Legal is the ideal partner for that.

This document – coordinated by Deloitte Legal Italy – consolidates an overview across 16 jurisdictions on:

  • The most relevant data protection laws, regulations, guidelines, decisions and sanctions of the last months;
  • The most relevant AI updates;
  • Some upcoming developments in the data protection and AI fields foreseen by Deloitte Legal teams over the next months.
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Deloitte Legal privacy and data protection teams can offer a variety of services, providing highly specialized consultancy in all economic sectors and for all sizes of companies and groups. This document also lists some of our cross-jurisdictional data protection and AI-related services.

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