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Strategic Sensing and Insight Services

We help clients sense and make sense of the noisy and confusing world in which they operate.

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We help clients make sense of the noisy and confusing world in which they operate to understand and anticipate important changes that prompt them to revisit their growth and value creation strategies, inform new strategic choices, and/or execute important strategic moves.

Our services include:

  • Scenario development
  • Emerging market/technology/trends sensing tools and assets
  • Industry, function, and strategy insight services

Center for the Long View

The Center for the Long View (CLV) is Monitor Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for scenario-based dynamic strategies. We help decision-makers develop dynamic, future-proof strategies by combining traditional scenario planning with innovative AI-powered research and real-time monitoring.


Perceive – Understand your market and competitors

We help decision-makers detect future driving forces. By combining human expertise with the objectivity of AI, we provide a holistic, tailored overview of relevant topics. We focus on identifying trends and drivers of markets and industries, as well as developments in the competitive environment.

Anticipate – Build future-proof strategies based on scenario planning

Scenario planning enables decision-makers to anticipate the future and design future-proof, yet flexible strategies by reducing complexity and adding dynamic capabilities. We model identified drivers into scenarios and define the best-suited strategic options to overcome and cope with uncertainty.

Navigate – Monitor change and ensure continuous relevance of strategy

Each scenario has distinct business implications and strategic calls to action. It is vital, therefore, to observe these future variables and monitor which scenario materializes over time in order to determine the necessary actions.