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Deloitte & ServiceNow Human Capital Service Delivery

Transforming the employee experience

Organizations that continue to approach HR in a siloed, linear way often struggle as the workplace evolves into a social enterprise and workers become an even greater force for change. As the future of work unfolds, managing people effectively often requires active listening, responding, collaborating, engaging externally, and integrating digital and machine technologies. Read more about how Deloitte and ServiceNow are transforming the employee experience and enabling the new world of work.

Re-architecting work

Disruption has created the perfect moment to unlock human potential. Many of the latest workforce trends from Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends report can be enabled by technology in new, innovative, and distinctly human ways. Learn how they drive organizations to flourish.

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HR Transformation

In a dynamic world with constant disruption, human capital issues should be viewed as business issues to be shaped by HR, but addressed across the C-Suite. To take the lead, the future of HR demands major shifts in mind-set, roles, capabilities, and digital enablers with reinvention at the core.

Organization Transformation

Enables an organization to operate differently in support of their business strategy. Occurs at the enterprise, business unit or functional level, and leverages behavioral analytics, actuarial capabilities and research insights to drive the change.

Workforce Transformation

Delivers solutions that can transform our clients’ workforces for business success in this era of continuous disruptions. Achieve end-to-end workforce life cycle solutions that can make work better for humans and humans better at work.

Human Capital as-a-Service

In today’s ever-evolving world, one of the few constants is change. To stay in front, organizations should to have real-time access to Human Capital insights, experts and innovative technology solutions that are designed to not only drive, but sustain and extend organizational performance and engagement.

What’s the latest?

About our alliance with ServiceNow

Deloitte helps our clients enhance business outcomes by leveraging ServiceNow as an end-to-end digital workflow platform. We don’t just apply ServiceNow to automate your current processes: We reimagine how work gets done, delivering material improvements in revenue and cost reduction with higher job satisfaction.

As a leading Global Systems Integrator and ServiceNow’s Global Transformation Partner of the Year, Deloitte applies its breadth of industry and technology experience to help clients extract value from this powerful technology to create a united workflow with one platform.

Human Capital Trends

Pandemic and societal pressures accelerated the worker-employer relationship’s evolution beyond anyone’s anticipation. How might it further evolve amid the uncertainties of a disrupted world?