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What does data know about people?

Sometimes we don’t think about data as being able to answer the question “Will I have the right skills to do my job in the future?” A financial institution, overseen by the Canadian government, teamed up with Deloitte to find out if they could.

According to the Brookfield Institute at Ryerson University, 42% of Canadian jobs are at high risk of needing to be reskilled in the next two decades. With that projection in mind, the client looked to Deloitte to futureproof its workforce by identifying innovative pathways to invest in upskilling its people.

“How can we build people who are future ready?” Deloitte worked alongside the Human Resources department to carry out a series of workshops to source data that would yield a custom-built solution and action plan.

But that was just one part of the equation.

“Will I have the right skills to do my job in the future?”

“The client attracts experts,” said Stephen Harrington, Director of Human Capital at Deloitte Canada. “When it came to the future of work, they really wanted Deloitte to tell them something they hadn’t heard before.”

Connecting the data to the human problem of workforce transformation was the key.

It’s no surprise that data analytics was top of the client’s must-have capabilities. To meet that need and develop that capability, Deloitte collaborated with them to build and implement a data literacy academy.

“Sometimes we don’t think about the data being able to solve a problem like ‘Will I be able to keep my job’? But this client was really ahead of the curve when thinking about future skills.”

The client’s board also took note, expanding its strategic planning to include HR data.

Deloitte Canada looks forward to continuing its work with the client’s Human Resources Department.

“We were seen as a trusted advisor capable of connecting them with the right knowledge—it’s the value of the Deloitte network,” remarked Stephen.

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