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Tech Trends 2023

Deloitte’s 14th annual Tech Trends report explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking innovations and foundational business areas. Stories of pioneering organizations show what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what could be coming next.


Widening the aperture: Exploring the next frontiers, from infotech to xTech

Historically, “technology” has served as shorthand for information technology. But an extended set of technologies—or xTech—is on the horizon. We anticipate that six emerging technology disciplines will eventually rival IT in their impact on business innovation.

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Trend Lines

The future is already here, albeit unevenly distributed.

We’ve built a wide-angle lens that helps us look globally, across all sectors and societies, at how pioneering leaders are building distinct facets of the future, today. With Trend Lines, these stories form a collage that outlines the shapes and shadows of tomorrow.

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Technology can do great things for business—but only if people are willing to use it. Building trust is the key to unlocking tech's full potential.

Tech Trends 2023 Webinar

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Join chief futurist Mike Bechtel and global CEO program research director Anh Phillips as they discuss emerging tech trends' potential impact on leaders.

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Past Tech Trends

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Tech Trends highlights accelerating trends that are likely to disrupt businesses during the next 18 to 24 months across industries and geographies. Visit trends from past reports.

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The Novel and Exponential Technologies (NExT) team is a team of futurists and researchers who sense—and make sense of—emerging technologies that have the potential for widespread business impact. With our pragmatic approach to futurism, we help organizations shape strategic business agendas and set an intentional course toward tomorrow.

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