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Our deep industry knowledge and experience can get to the heart of your business challenges. More than providing a superficial understanding of current trends and conditions, we deliver pre-eminent analysis, perspectives and insights specific to the ever-changing needs of your sector, to help you recognize opportunities, capture value and create new markets.

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See our latest innovative ideas in response to the complex automotive global ecosystem, including the emergence of eco-friendly vehicles.  

Consumer Products

Understand the latest trends in apparel, beverage and food manufacturing, agriculture, and more with our Global Consumer Products team's knowledge and experience.   

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Respond to changing trends and business models as well as inflation fluctuations with our latest thinking on the global retail, wholesale, and distribution market.   

Transportation, Hospitality & Services

Explore the latest THS trends, challenges, and opportunities that are impacting the future of the sector. Learn how we can guide you to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

Industrial Products & Construction

Explore industry-leading insights, perspectives, and trends in decarbonization, supply chain challenges, sustainability, smart manufacturing, and more.  

Mining & Metals

Check the latest trends in decarbonizing, ESG, cybersecurity, super cycle, intelligent mining, digital revolution, social investment, and more.  

Energy & Chemicals

Find out how businesses can accelerate the pace of clean energy and low-carbon innovation, and create holistic and sustainable solutions.  

Power, Utilities & Renewables

Anticipate and respond to market challenges in resiliency, sustainability, digital transformation, smart grid operations, electrification, and workforce management.  

Banking & Capital Markets

Readjust your business’ strategy in digital banking, payments models, digital currencies and more supported by our deep industry knowledge. 


Connect with our innovative thinking on personal and commercial insurance, life, health and savings insurance, and London markets reinsurance clients.  

Investment Management

Learn more about the latest insights within the investment management industry—from asset management to private equity, and sovereign wealth and public pension funds. 

Real Estate

Read our real estate industry group’s latest thinking on the spectrum of real estate, including: funds, investors, private equity, and more.   

Central Government

Discover the latest insights and research for governmental services. From taxes to environmental protection, our thought leadership spans many levels of government.   

Defense, Security & Justice

Stay up-to-date on the latest thinking around matters facing defense and learn how to navigate today’s disruptive, geo-political landscape. 

Health & Human Services

Protecting and promoting better outcomes for communities calls for new ways of thinking. Explore our latest ideas and research in social welfare, unemployment, family care, and more.   

Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Government

Follow the latest insights and perspectives to inform governments as you address complex matters in transport, urban transformation, climate change, and more.  

Health Care

Shift market paradigms with our thought leadership and innovative ideas for the health care ecosystem, and the Future of Health. 

Life Sciences

Explore the latest trends shaping the Life Sciences industry, as well as fresh perspectives and opportunities within the sector. 


Understand relevant business matters and take advantage of our deep industry knowledge in blockchain, cloud, cyber, AI, IoT, data sharing, and more.  

Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

Uncover relevant opportunities and the latest trends in streaming, wireless, connectivity, games, ads, wi-fi, traditional TV, and more with our TM&E thought leadership. 

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