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Leadership and Governance

Deloitte Asia Pacific

Strengthening credibility and trust with stakeholders by consistently living our purpose​ ​

Trust is the foundation upon which Deloitte is built. Since our founding in 1845, upholding trust has been a core principle that guides everything we do. As auditors and advisors to organisations and governments worldwide, we understand that earning and maintaining trust is critical. We aim to continually strengthen our clients' trust in us by living our shared values and our purpose. ​

Strong and effective governance is vital to ensure we deliver on our promises, operate our business ethically, balance the interests of stakeholders and serve the public interest. As a purpose-led organisation, Deloitte is also thoughtful about the company we keep and carefully adheres to responsible business practices


The Deloitte Asia Pacific Board of Directors

The Deloitte Asia Pacific Board of Directors oversees critical governance issues. Their responsibilities include approving the firm's regional strategy, annual budget, investment plan, major transactions, and selecting the CEO and Chair for Deloitte Asia Pacific. The Board also provides oversight and support for management operations and performance.​

The Board has proportionate representation from Deloitte Asia Pacific participating firms, reflecting the geographic scope of operations. Diversity in gender, life experience, professional background, and skills is central to board selection.  As of 1 June 2024, there are 18 Board members and one Deloitte Global observer. So far, women comprise 47 percent of the Board.


Legal Disclosures of Deloitte Asia Pacific Services Holdings Limited

2023 Asia Pacific Impact Report

Building better futures

During this dynamic, unpredictable year, Deloitte people worked alongside business, government, and society to help advance toward a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world.