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Becoming Resilient

A leadership podcast for executives on the journey to resilience

Resilience isn’t a destination: it is a way of being. And it is a lifelong journey. Resilient leaders are first defined by who they are, and second by what they do. Join us as we explore wide-ranging disciplines, connect them to business issues, and apply them to our own personal leadership journeys.

A philosopher’s lemonade stand: Ancient wisdom for today’s leaders

In this episode, Dr. Tom Morris unearths the wisdom of the great philosophers with a contemporary spin. By connecting the stories of the ancient leaders to the challenges we face in our time, he shares highly entertaining anecdotes and pragmatic lessons on how we can leap forward into new ways of thinking and acting in a time of tremendous transformation.

I've come to think of resilience as a lot more than just bouncing back. It's about bouncing forward. Typically, great resilience is about changing and adapting and learning and growing and being better than you were before. When it's in the DNA of an organization, it makes people stronger. It makes organizations stronger.

About our guest

Visit Tom Morris ( to learn more and read an excerpt from his recent book, Plato's Lemonade Stand Stirring Change into Something Great.

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